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Michael Neuert
Michael Neuert

From a small work shop to a solution provider 

The skilled metalworker Michael Neuert ever thought of himself being a craftsman and developer:

"I am thrilled by technical challenges. The introduction of water-jet cutting was one of them. Meanwhile our experience with this technology is in great demand all over Bavaria." 
(Michael Neuert)

From fitting to a modern metal working company

The Neuert family has been associated with the metal trades for decades. The current operation goes back to the Michael Neuert senior. He founded a grinder back in 1967. Even then, the craft business was known as a good place for welding and assembly of individual metal structures. 

After the death of his father, Michael Neuert together with his wife Sabine Neuert, were running the business. Following the motto "with hand and heart and mind", the couple gradually developed the business from a "backyard workshop" to a modern locksmith. The last major expansion took place in 1994 with planning the move to the industrial area in the Peissenberg (Wilhelm-Röntgen-Street). The site was last extended in 2007.

The trade press and national newspapers regularly report on our company:

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