Metalwork from A to Z

Metallbau & Stahlbau

We manufacture metal constructions and assemblies for trade and industry. We build for you custom machine frames, tanks and containers made of steel. Based on our experience with clients in the food and pharmaceutical sector, we are able to meet the highest requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

Our metal workers are experts in efficient sheet metal processing and the production of sheet metal blanks and welding. We are focussed on tailor made metal constructions based on CAD drawings.

If requested we assume the full management of your projects including:

For each industry, the appropriate metal solution

machinery & apparatus engineering

Special solutions

  • Engine parts (exhaust systems)
  • Ship components
  • Art metalwork
  • Whirlpool Special
  • (Eg 8-cornered whirlpool tub, stainless steel)
  • Design pieces (furniture, accessories, jewelry, decoration, ...)
tool & die making

Medical, Food, Packaging

  • Custom foam inserts (water jet cuts)
  • Gripper plates, retainer
  • Transportation safety
  • Stainless steel tanks & containers
  • Pumping frames
  • Racks / Stands for laboratory facilities
  • Dished ends
automotive & aviation

Automotive & Aerospace

  • Individual designs for special vehicles
  • Motor drives and motor parts
  • Gaskets, insulation, fire and sound insulation materials in the engine compartment (water jet cuts)
  • Coverings and linings of composite materials, aluminum and plastic (water jet cuts)
  • Engine components
  • Fuselage and wing elements made of aluminum and composite materials
  • Battery boxes
medicine, food, packaging

Mould construction

  • Components and precursors for the production of dies and molds
  • Fixture
  • Precision Parts
special solutions

Plant construction and engineering

  • Molded parts made of metal
  • Mechanical parts & components for apparatus
  • Containers, tanks, tubs, basins, housing
  • Gears, sprockets, pulleys
  • Belt guard, acoustic enclosures, dust protection devices
  • Components for turbines, cyclones, ...
  • Funnel, slides
  • Läppkäfige, clutch plates
  • Cam plates, orifice plates, flange discs
  • Front panel, side panels, perforated plates, sealing plates, covers, anti-slip plates
  • Levers, brackets, clips, inserts, anchor plates 
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