CNC water jet cutting system

  • Wasserstrahlschneidalage Neuert Metallbau GmbH
High pressure water jet cutting system Ridder Waricut
application:cutting of various materials with pure water and abrasives
workins are X-Y:3000 x 2000mm table size
stroke cutting headaxis:200mm (2D)
positioning deviation:+/- 0,025mm/300mm
max. cutting speed X-Y:up to 45.000mm/min
max. cutting speed Z:up to 30.000mm/min
fixing:mechanically by clamping elements
Wasserstrahlschneidalage Hochdruckpumpe Neuert Metallbau GmbH
power:2 x 37 kW (50 HP)
design pressure:4.150 bar (60.0000 psi)
working pressure:3.800 bar (55.000 psi)
flow rate:3,8 l/min (1,0 gpm)
max. tip size:0,35mm (0,014in)
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