Cutting types & techniques

water jet cutting nozzle
water jet nozzle

A. Pure water cutting technology for soft to tough materials

Here, we work exclusively with the beam energy of water from a high pressure line
(up to 4150 bar). The dimensions of the cutting nozzle are 0.1 - 0.35 mm in diameter.
The fine water jet hits the material with a speed of up to 1000m / s.

The clean-water technology is particularly suitable for soft to medium hard materials. 
The cutting kerf here varies between 0.1 - 0.35 mm.   

B. Abrasive cutting technology for hard materials

Here we add separation or cutting means like special sand, garnet or other abrasives to the water stream. The abrasive material is pre-metered by the high-pressure water jet cutting head drawn in and accelerated in the abrasive nozzle to its final velocity. The cutting force is significantly enhanced by the water-abrasive mixture and allows a fine cutting of even the toughest materials like titanium. Depending on the nozzle, the size 
of the kerfs range between 0.8 and 1.2 mm.


Properties of different cutting qualities

Comparison of properties of different types of cuts referring to a workpiece made of tool steel (1.4301)
with thickness 15 mm:

 Standard cut Quality cut Fine Cut 
  • maximum cutting speed
  • good corner handling
  • suitable for prefabrication
  • conicity per cutting edge 0,3mm
    (up to of 50 mm thickness)

  • medium cutting speed
  • very good corner handling
  • good edge quality
  • conicity per cutting edge 0,2mm
    (up to 50 mm thickness)
  • low cutting speed
    (approx. 1/3 of max. speed)
  • very good corner handling
  • very good edge quality
  • conicity per cutting edge 0,1mm
    (up to 50 mm thickness)
  • Wasserstrahlschnitt Edelstahl
  • Wasserstrahlschnitt Triebwerkscheibe
  • Wasserstrahlschnitt Kurvenscheibe

The result of the water jet cutting is subject to the type of material and its physical properties, the strength (thickness), and the cutting speed.

You may expect waterjet cuts with a

precision up to + / - 0.03 mm

The slower the water jet is moved, the finer the cut edges.
The cost for the finishing of the workpiece is reduced in comparison to laser cutting to a minimum.

With thinner materials it is a proven process to cut in multiple layers - without any danger of welding together. The CNC machine control system provides nesting features to ensure that all pieces are cut from the raw most material-saving. For control unit of the modern water-jet system, it is negligible whether the cut follows a CAD drawing or free forms.

With our water cutting system any section curves are possible.
In this respect we offer our customers

  • maximum flexibility
  • realizing intricate structures and thin webs. 
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