Questions about water jet cutting

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From our experience we can say that each workpiece, drawn in an 2-dimensional CAD, also can be cut with water jet.

This statement obviously does not apply to all questions you have
about water jet cutting ... 

frequently asked questions about water jet cutting
 What material is the abrasive?

We use dust-free, recycled natural sand.

 What are the main differences for laser cutting?

Properties of laser cutting:

  • eventually lower cost with thin materials (< 5 mm) and larger batches
  • higher hourly rate than the water jet cutting, due to higher costs (testing and security measures)
  • large number of laser cutting service providers on the market 

Water jet cutting properties:

  • cost advantages especially with thicker materials (> 5mm)
  • cut edges free from thermal stress (cold cut)
  • no structural changes (oxidation-free cutting), no discoloration
  • no destruction of material as with laser and plasma welding
  • no edge hardenings and no melted edges
  • very small apertures and perfect edges
  • realization of very complex geometries, small webs
  • little to no rework (virtually burr-free workpieces)
  • fiber composites and stone can be cut with water jet
  • highly accurate 2D cuts
  • environmentally friendly, vapor and dust-free process 
 What preparation is required for a cut in the water jet system?

Essentially, a 2-dimensional CAD drawing or DXF file. Once these data are available, the program for the CNC control can be created within short time.


 How long does it take to set the machine for a cut is ready to work?

Building a CNC control program for a single piece, for example, takes about 15 minutes. More complicated cuts can even be in the range of hours.

 Which materials differ from thermal cutting process?

Materials such as stainless steels, titanium, copper and aluminum regularly cause problems with laser cut.

For plastics, plastic-coated sheet metal or composite materials there is no alternative to water jet cutting, since the high temperatures destroy the material.

Tile and stone are also materials not made for laser cutting.

 Is the high pressure dangerous in case of a bursting pipe?

Since in the high pressure line carries only a very small amounts of water, a line break is not dangerous. A break causes a brief hiss as steam. In addition, the pump control to the sudden drops pressure.

 Should that water be treated?

A special pretreatment of the high-pressure water is not required.

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