2D high-pressure water jet cutting

Because of our wealth of experience in the technology of CNC controlled water jet cutting, we get requests on water cuts for materials which have nothing to do with the original business of a metal worker. We are very proud of those customers coming from various industries, knowing about the advantages against laser-cutting technology:

  • flexible and quick order processing - from single parts to large batches
  • cutting of different materials with only one tool
  • lower cost compared to laser treatment especially at thicknesses > 5 mm
  • cuts and cut-outs for all materials up to 200 mm thickness
  • in contrast to laser cutting, no thermal effect of the kerf (hardness increase)
  • high component accuracy and high material utilization
  • dust-free process 

Professional cutting as wage work

water jet cutting by Neuert in Peissenberg, Germany
parallel cutting process with 2 cutting heads

Since we can work in parallel with two cutting heads, we are
able to calculate our wage cuts most attractively for all cutting qualities: 

  • maximum work area: 2000 x 3000 mm
  • slice thickness: 1 - 200 mm
  • suitable materials: no restrictions 

Concerning the type of material to be cut (see below), there are
no restrictions. The following table shows the most common
aterials we have processed in our system. 

Metals & non-ferrous metals

Cuts & sut-outs for different workpieces and parts from ...

steel - stainless steel - aluminium - brass - bronze - titanium - copper - castings - lead (different alloys)

Glass (except ESG)

Cuts and cut-outs:

acrylic - bulletproof glass - flat glass (float glass) - laminated glass - mirror - wire glass and much more


Natural & artificial stone

Cuttings / clippings of floor and wall tiles, porcelain tiles, countertops, grave stones, plaques, window sills ...

granite - marble - concrete slabs - technical ceramics

Sealing materials & insulation

Cut & excerpts from

Sealing materials and insulation

High-strength and are difficult to machine alloys

High-strength and difficult to machine alloys

all kinds of rubber & plastic

as PVC - GRP (glass reinforced plastic) - seals - natural rubber


plywood - flooring - laminates

Sandwich materials and composites

Sandwich materials and composites

Leather, textile, paper

Leather - textile - cardboard

Foam & Styrofoam of all kinds

Cut the insulation material, damping plates, etc.

foam & styrofoam of all kinds

Coated parts

as powders or wet painted parts - plastic-coated plates

Other materials

as glass fiber - Teflon

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